The Hatchables Collection: Altura’s First Lootbox NFTs

We are excited to announce that Altura is launching its first NFT Lootboxes with The Hatchables Collection.

The Hatchables Collection are the NFTs that drop from Altura’s first-ever lootbox! The Hatchables are Smart NFT Eggs that crack over time until hatching into their final unknown form. They all hatch into the same being but each one has its own twist.

There will be 5 different levels of rarity (legendary, super-rare, rare, uncommon, common) which will vary by the supply available for each NFT. Additionally, after each crack, something special will occur for the holders of the Legendary and super-rare tier NFTs!

There will be 28,500 keys within the drop, where 8,500 will be distributed to different project communities, and the other 20,000 being put for sale. The keys will go for sale at a price of 0.05 BNB each. All proceeds will be used to further develop and power Altura NFT’s ecosystem.

How Do The Lootboxes Work?

Lootboxes will work on the Altura marketplace through a key system. To unlock a lootbox it will require a key specific to that lootbox collection. These can be bought and then used to open the lootbox. Once opened the user will receive an NFT from the lootbox into their wallet.

About Altura NFT

Altura’s mission is to provide a platform for gamers with the ability to control and own their in-game items. We are also giving the ability for game developers to integrate blockchain technology seamlessly in their video games.

The current state of NFTs is comparable to that of the web in the 90s; static and boring. Altura is reshaping the NFT industry with the concept of Smart NFTs. These NFTs have properties that can change, for instance, a video game sword that gets stronger as you use it or an in-game pet that evolves.

In addition, Altura is creating NFT lootboxes. These pair well with our Smart NFTs to create a cohesive infrastructure platform previously unseen to gaming.

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