Smarty Penguin | The Altura x Chaincade Penguin Game

Altura is excited to announce the Smarty Penguin game in collaboration with Chaincade. This game will allow Altura Penguin NFT holders to use their penguins within Chaincade’s Play To Win ecosystem.

The game is a race but with a twist. At the finish line, there will be a polar bear that will be looking away from the penguins. The polar bear will have the ability to turn its head around and spot the penguins. If the penguins are moving when the bear spots them, they will be frozen in place. If you know the game Red Light, Green Light Smarty Penguin will be familiar to you.

The Play To Win aspect will work as follows. For each race, Chaincade tickets will be distributed to the competitors. Everyone will receive tickets, but the majority of tickets will be given to the winner. Tickets won will be redeemable for a prize box. These will unlock NFTs, crypto, or other prizes released by Chaincade.

About Chaincade

Chaincade is a “Play To Win” Arcade System. Using an innovative combination of blockchain, mobile apps, and NFTs, Chaincade’s “Play to Win” ecosystem provides a robust platform for players and creators alike. Chaincade’s platform is open for everyone, focusing on sustainable prizes, while keeping gaming fun and rewarding!

About Altura

Altura’s mission is to provide a platform for gamers with the ability to control and own their in-game items. We are also giving the ability for game developers to integrate blockchain technology seamlessly in their video games.

The current state of NFTs is comparable to that of the web in the 90s; static and boring. Altura is reshaping the NFT industry with the concept of Smart NFTs. These NFTs have properties that can change, for instance, a video game sword that gets stronger as you use it or an in-game pet that evolves.

In addition, Altura is creating NFT lootboxes. These pair well with our Smart NFTs to create a cohesive infrastructure platform previously unseen to gaming.




Altura provides the infrastructure for the future of in-game items, digital assets and The Metaverse

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Altura provides the infrastructure for the future of in-game items, digital assets and The Metaverse

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