Seaport & ECMT — A Faster, Cheaper, and More Open NFT Marketplace

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce our plans to transition to the Seaport marketplace contract and to release our External Collection Migration Tool, or ECMT for short.

Our transition to Seaport, and the introduction of ECMT, means that game developers can now import NFTs from third-party marketplaces onto Altura’s marketplace and leverage Altura’s powerful infrastructure to incorporate those NFTs in-game. These changes have been a part of our plan to make Altura’s platform more open and compatible with all NFT types and exchanges.

Seaport Deep-Dive

Seaport is a web3 marketplace protocol developed by OpenSea which improves the speed and security of modern NFT marketplaces. Seaport can handle ERC1155, ERC721, and ERC20 tokens, whereas our previous marketplace contract could only handle transactions for Altura’s ERC1155 token type. This change means that Altura’s marketplace can now support and handle transactions for third-party NFTs of any token type. Additionally, Seaport offers a 35% decrease in gas fees, making transacting on Altura’s marketplace more affordable for everyone!

The transition to Seaport complements our external collection migration tool, which allows developers to import their third-party collections.

ECMT Deep-Dive

ECMT is a tool that allows developers to import their third-party NFT collections to Altura’s platform, opening the API and SDKs to be used with any NFT collection. Additionally, Importing a collection means that the NFTs will appear and be tradable on the Altura marketplace via the new Seaport contract.

Diving deeper, ECMT gives developers two options when importing their collection; sync and migrate.

Sync collection

Syncing your collection means the metadata will continue to be stored outside Altura, and Altura’s systems will periodically fetch and sync this metadata. Syncing your collection enables the imported collection to be compatible with Altura’s marketplace and integration tools. However, synced collections will not support the Smart NFT endpoints, which require you to migrate your collection instead. This is because the Smart NFT features require that the metadata be hosted on Altura’s platform.

Migrate collection

Migrating your collection means that Altura will fetch and store the NFT’s metadata one time and require the contract owner to change the URI on the contract to point to Altura’s servers. This enables the imported collection to be compatible with Altura’s marketplace, the API & SDKs, and Smart NFT technology. Note migrating your collection does not mean that the collection will be removed from other marketplaces; it just means that Altura is the host for the metadata.

Users and developers can expect Seaport integration and the release of ECMT in mid-December 2022.

About Altura

Altura allows game developers to utilize blockchain-backed assets without needing any web3 knowledge. We provide the tools, support, and infrastructure required for developers to integrate web3 technology into their games and applications seamlessly.

Altura aims to be an all-in-one solution for game developers to launch their web3 games. Aside from providing the tools to integrate blockchain-backed assets and a digital asset marketplace, Altura will provide a means of funding, launching, and gaining traction for quality web3 games.



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