Altura Will Be Powering NFT11

NFT11 is an NFT football game where players can build teams and win games for rewards. They will be integrating smart NFTs with Altura!


Welcome to the Non-Fungible Tournament 11! NFT11 is the first blockchain game based around NFT characters/players with NFT stadiums, and NFT11 move cards. Players can manage their squad and players like a real football manager! Take part in training your players and managing every aspect of your squad. Manage your player stats, each player comes with 10 unique stats and an overall rating. As players play in matches and get more experienced, they increase their stats. Normal players start with an overall rating of 60, legends start with an overall score of 72, and ultimate players start with a score of 78. In NFT11, stadiums are similar to land in that they host events and provide utility to managers from seats. Players can scout players in their seats, earn fees from other managers scouting players, earn staking rewards, mint new move cards, and ultimate players, and other benefits. NFT11 will eventually be integrating smart NFTs into their game! This project will be an exciting client for Altura.

The NFT11 token can be used for staking, purchases on the marketplace and many other purposes. It powers the NFT11 ecosystem and allows players to earn rewards for their efforts. The token can be purchased on decentralized exchanges like ApeSwap!



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