How to Create and Sell NFTs on Altura

This article will teach you how to create your own NFT collection and how to mint NFTs to that collection on the Altura marketplace.

To get started you will need:

  1. A web3 wallet, like Metamask. We made a tutorial on how to install and set up Metamask to work with BSC here.
  2. Some BNB in your wallet for transaction fees. You can acquire BNB from Binance.

Creating an NFT collection

Before minting an NFT, we have to create an NFT collection. An NFT collection is a smart contract that exists on the blockchain that keeps track of your NFTs, kind of like a container.

  1. Head over to the Altura marketplace
  2. Click connect in the top right corner (make sure your wallet is connected to BSC). Then follow the instructions in your wallet to connect
  3. Click on create then click on create collection.
  4. Upload an image for your collection, give your collection a name and a description, and if you have a website that you want to be associated with your collection feel free to input that as well. Leave the custom URI field blank. Finally, select the category that best describes your collection, or if you are unsure what kind of NFTs you want to make leave it the category as the default collection. All of this information, excluding the name and custom URI can be changed later on.
  5. Finally, click on create a collection and follow the instructions in your wallet to make the transaction. you will have to pay for the transaction fees of minting your collection in BNB, this is usually less than $0.25. It will take up to a few minutes to mint the collection to the blockchain.

Minting an NFT

Now that we have an NFT collection, we can get to the fun stuff: minting NFTs to our collection!

  1. Click on create, and click on NFT.
  2. Upload an image/gif/video for your NFT. All image and video file types are accepted!
  3. Give your NFT a name, and description.
  4. Now we need to select whether or not you want a stackable or non-stackable NFT. Stackable NFTs appear as a single NFT in your wallet however they have a balance, for instance, if you mint a stackable NFT with a supply of 6, only a single NFT will appear in your wallet however you will have a balance of 6. Non-stackable NFTs appear as unique NFTs in your wallet, so if you mint a non-stackable NFT with a supply of 6, you will see 6 unique NFTs in your wallet. For most people, we recommend minting stackable NFTs. That way you can see how many of that NFT exists

5. Set the maximum and initial supply of your NFT. If you want to simply create a one-of-a-kind NFT, leave both fields as one. If you want to create a set amount and have them all minted from the start, set the initial and maximum supply to be the same number. Otherwise, if the maximum supply is greater than the initial supply, you will be able to mint more later on.

6. Now set the royalty field. The royalty field is a perpetual royalty that will be paid to you, the creator, every time the NFT is bought and sold on the marketplace. For example, if you set the royalty to 2%, you will receive 2% of the transaction every time that NFT is re-purchased later on forever. You may set the royalty to whatever value you want as long as it does not exceed 30%.

7. Now you must select the collection that your NFT belongs to. You may select any of the collections you own, or you may select the default Altura NFT collection. Note that if you select a collection you created, only you will be able to mint to that collection, however, if you select the Altura NFT collection, anyone will be able to mint to that collection.

8. Afterwards you can give your NFT any number of unique properties. If your NFT is an in-game item you may give it some traits like strength or color. You can add up to 30 properties.

9. Finally, click on create an item and follow the instructions in your wallet. You will have to spend BNB on transaction fees.

10. Your NFT will now show up in your wallet. You can click on your profile picture in the top right to view your wallet and NFTs.

Listing your NFT

Now that you minted your NFT, you will have to list it in the marketplace. Initially, your NFT will show up in your wallet but no one will be able to buy it. To sell it you will have to list it.

  1. Firstly, visit your wallet by clicking on your profile picture in the top right.
  2. Click on the NFT you want to list
  3. Click on approve for list and follow the instructions in your wallet
  4. Now click on list for sale
  5. Select the currency you want to sell your NFT in. (we encourage ALU)
  6. Give your NFT a price
  7. Afterward, input the quantity of that NFT you wish to sell. You may not list more than you have (for obvious reasons)
  8. Finally, click on list item and follow the instructions in your wallet

Your NFT is now listed on the marketplace! To view your listed NFTs, visit your wallet and switch the dropdown to listed. To unlist your NFT or change the price, click on the NFT and click on unlist or edit list price.

Congratulations, you just learned how to create a collection, create an NFT, and how to list NFTs to the Altura marketplace. Now go and make some amazing NFTs and share them with the world! You can tag us in your NFTs on Twitter and we will share some love :)




Altura provides the infrastructure for the future of in-game items, digital assets and The Metaverse

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Altura provides the infrastructure for the future of in-game items, digital assets and The Metaverse

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