Another Exciting Gaming Partner for Altura With FabWelt!

Altura will be powering yet ANOTHER partnered gaming project with smart NFTs!

Altura Team
2 min readApr 7, 2022


What is FabWelt?

Fabwelt is a comprehensive gaming ecosystem that integrates blockchain technology into high-quality games of all types and genres. Their multi-genre gaming ecosystem includes genres such as 3D First Person Shooter, Action-Adventure, Simulation, Strategy, Fantasy, and many others. FabWelt incorporates all of its games into a unique digital reality referred to as the Gamingverse. The features of Gamingverse include Universal NFTs, digital cross-game identification, and multi-tiered tournaments, which are powered by gamers! Using universal NFTs, Play to Earn, and DEFI, FabWelt aims to create a diverse, fun, and rewarding gaming ecosystem for all. Altura will play an essential role in the FabWelt ecosystem, helping integrate smart NFTs where they can be most exciting and beneficial to users!

About Arsenal

Arsenal is FabWelts first game. It is a 3D FPS with exciting tournaments for the community, cross-chain capability, multiplayer maps, different game modes, and many other awesome features! Multiplayer maps include; Industry, Warehouse, Industry 2.0, Laboratory, and others! The Arsenal game is live and can be played today. Players will need to purchase $WELT to play the Arsenal game and other games in the FabWelt ecosystem.

$WELT Token

The native token of the FabWelt ecosystem can be purchased here using their decentralized exchange. They are on the Polygon network which Altura will be going cross-chain to in the near future!

As always, be sure to follow them on Twitter and join the conversation on Discord and Telegram :)