AlturaNFT x BetFury Partnership


We are excited to announce a new partnership with BetFury, a Bitcoin gaming and betting platform on BSC. With this announcement comes an exciting Twitter giveaway of 1000 $ALU and a special NFT competition for artists in our communities (coming soon).


BetFury — Leading Social Bitcoin Casino. By playing games and betting in available currencies on the BFG platform, users mine the $BFG token and receive a part of the platform's profit from the staking pool. $BFG is the internal token of the BFG platform and is available on Alturas partnered DEX platform Biswap, and other decentralized exchanges! In addition, $ALU is now available to deposit, withdraw, place bets, and play games with on the BetFury platform!


The system for mining BFG is built around users playing games and betting. Token holders receive daily multicurrency drops from the staking pool which releases 3% of the total profit from the platform in each currency. The more BFG tokens you own, the more you earn! All tokens mined before going to the exchange are available for trading. New tokens are locked for withdrawals but the user will be able to get staking rewards and play games until they are unlocked.
HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN THE TWITTER EVENT: To participate in the Twitter competition, like and Retweet, and follow BetFury and Altura NFT on Twitter!

About AlturaNFT

Altura’s mission is to provide a platform for gamers with the ability to control and own their in-game items. We are also giving the ability for game developers to integrate blockchain technology seamlessly in their video games.

The current state of NFTs is comparable to that of the web in the 90s; static and boring. Altura is reshaping the NFT industry with the concept of Smart NFTs. These NFTs have properties that can change, for instance, a video game sword that gets stronger as you use it or an in-game pet that evolves.

In addition, Altura is creating NFT lootboxes. These pair well with our Smart NFTs to create a cohesive infrastructure platform previously unseen to gaming.




Altura provides the infrastructure for the future of in-game items, digital assets and The Metaverse

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Altura provides the infrastructure for the future of in-game items, digital assets and The Metaverse

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