Altura Sustainability Policy

Altura Team
2 min readNov 20, 2022

Altura is committed to driving sustainability and leading web3 gaming to a more eco-friendly future, from developing an energy-efficient platform to measuring and offsetting our carbon & GHG emissions.

Energy efficient web3 gaming infrastructure

The Altura platform is optimized to make as few transactions on the blockchain as possible to reduce carbon emissions, as blockchain transactions require more energy than web2 server processing.

Metadata is kept off-chain for economic reasons. The only time a transaction is broadcasted to the blockchain on Altura is when a developer mints or transfers NFTs in-game or users interact with the Altura marketplace. Additionally, Altura uses Seaport, the most efficient marketplace engine, which significantly reduces the amount of blockchain computation for transactions, reducing gas fees by up to 30% from regular marketplace engines.

Altura supports many blockchains, including highly sustainable blockchains like Polygon and Fantom. Polygon has pledged 20 million dollars to become net carbon negative, and Fantom’s annual power consumption is 8,200 kWh less than a single US home’s yearly energy consumption.

Measuring & offsetting our carbon footprint

Altura commits to measuring the energy required from our servers and databases and the transactions Altura processes on the blockchain and offsetting the carbon and GHG emissions through a high-quality, verified offset partner. Altura commits to publishing GHG data in 2023 for the calendar year 2022.