Altura Releases Unity SDK

Altura Team
3 min readSep 17, 2022

The Altura team is incredibly excited to be releasing our Unity SDK! This release means that It just got easier than ever to build Web3 games in Unity.

Altura Unity SDK

The release of Altura’s Unity SDK means that Unity developers can now take advantage of Altura’s powerful infrastructure and Smart NFT technology natively within Unity.

Unity is the most popular gaming engine among developers, contributing 50% to the gaming engine market share. Additionally, Unity stated that in 2021 the number of games made using their engine increased by 91%, and the number of new creators increased by 31%. With such an active developer community, Altura is excited to empower these developers with the tools necessary to develop games for the decentralized world! With Altura’s Unity SDK, developers can easily leverage web3 technology and integrate blockchain-backed assets in their games with just a few lines of C# code. Altura’s Unity SDK features include: reading a user’s NFTs, transferring NFTs, updating NFTs, and seamlessly generating a secure web3 wallet for users that are unfamiliar with the complexities of crypto.

Altura’s goal is to make web3 gaming as frictionless as possible for developers and gamers. We introduced a local wallet generation feature, which allows all gamers, regardless of their crypto knowledge, to experience web3 games and own blockchain-backed in-game assets. Altura’s Unity SDK is the easiest and most powerful way to build an approachable, user-friendly web3 game without sacrificing performance or security.

What Features are Included at launch in the Altura Unity SDK?

In the initial release of Altura’s SDK, we’ll release all the core functionality necessary to plug into Altura’s ecosystem and fully integrate and manage NFTs in-game. Starting today, using the Altura Unity SDK, you’ll be able to:

  • Fetch users, NFTs, and collections
  • Fetch an NFT’s metadata, holders, history, and more
  • Use Altura Guard to authenticate a user in any environment
  • Update NFTs properties using Smart NFT technology
  • Switch between different states (images) of an NFT using Smart NFT technology
  • Transfer NFTs
  • Mint NFTs
  • Generate and read a user’s local Web3 wallet

Additionally, Altura built a UI editor to allow interaction with Altura’s system using the Unity UI.

And stay tuned for more updates on the Unity SDK, including native marketplace features which allow developers to embed marketplaces for their items in-game using our SDK.

About Altura

Altura allows game developers to utilize blockchain-backed assets without needing any web3 knowledge. We provide the tools, support, and infrastructure needed for developers to integrate web3 technology into their games and applications seamlessly.

Altura aims to be an all-in-one solution for game developers to launch their web3 games. Aside from providing the tools to integrate blockchain-backed assets and a digital asset marketplace, Altura will provide a means of funding, launching, and gaining traction for quality web3 games.

If you are looking to integrate blockchain-backed assets in your Unity game, start by reading our Unity SDK documentation!