Altura Punks Partnership is Official. NFT Drop Coming Soon!

Altura Punks Loot Box Key

The Altura Punks Smart NFTs

In anticipation of Alturas marketplace V2 launch, the community can take part in one of the most exciting NFT drops of the year with Altura Battle Punks Smart NFTs! Altura Punks has been one of the most popular NFT collections in the Altura ecosystem for quite a while, and season 2 is bringing the most exciting drop yet!

There will be five different rarity levels including Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The game will feature upgradeable Smart NFT Battle Punks and players will be able to combine Punks with upcoming NFT weapons and armor to increase stats! The gameplay will feel similar to Pokemon and Tekken as players will explore the Altura Punks metaverse and level up their punks for battle! Check out some sneak peeks below.

The Altura Punks Metaverse
Example of Battle

Altura Punks was originally started as an experiment while the founders were exploring the possibilities of NFTs. The collection quickly became a best-seller on the Altura marketplace and organically developed a great community with very little marketing. Now they are building a game with real NFT utility and officially partnering up with Altura! We will host community events and playtests similar to the Smarty Penguin game once the game is developed.

How do loot boxes work on Altura?

Loot boxes allow you to unlock a random NFT by redeeming a key. Once it is opened, you will see your new Altura Punk NFT! Each Punk is original, with its own color palette and creation. The objective is to make each Altura Punk unique to prioritize quality!

1 NFT key will be airdropped to all who sign up for the Altura V2 marketplace waiting list. Sign up here!



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