Altura Partners with Vmates

What is Vmates/$MATE

Vmates is building a metaverse where players can breed, trade, and upgrade their NFT pets. The Vmates metaverse features a working system that includes an adoption center, NFT shop, arena, bank, hospital, and school, school. Players take their pets to these locations to earn money for work. Some jobs have requirements for the quality of the pet. The higher the quality of your pet, the higher the salary! In the Vmates arena, players can battle in PVE and PVP to win $MATE tokens and experience. The rewards from battles are better than those from working but consume energy and cleanliness. You will need to make sure your pet is ready for battle! Each pet has 4 attributes; attack, defense, agility, and HP. See the full details of the fighting system here.

This partnership is exciting for Altura because Vmates will be adopting a custom marketplace solution and token integration for their game. They will be using smart NFT profile pictures which may give rewards or some other incentive! Vmates will hold its NFT/IGO soon, so be on the lookout for announcements in our Discord and Telegram.

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