Altura Partners With Spintop

What is Spintop?

Spintop is a platform designed to inform users about new gaming projects through their Gamepedia. Gamepedia had over 100 different blockchain games for the launch of Gamepedia, providing detailed information for investors and gamers to try out new games and decide if they are worth an investment. Users will be able to find detailed financial information about a blockchain gaming project which will include tokenomics, IGO and launch statistics, total supply changes by date, earning rates, and recent news. Game developers can also post updates about their project and interact with the community to raise awareness and the game's rating on Gamepedia.

The Guild Maker

Spintop aims to bring players (scholars)and NFT owners (sponsors) together to trade, rent, and lend their in-game items with their upcoming Guild Maker. The Guild Maker will consist of multiple guilds which will be specifically designed for certain games. Altura will be helping Spintop achieve this goal by providing its marketplace solution! Soon, users will be able to use Altura’s marketplace on Spintop’s platform via a custom link.

Smart NFTs

Spintop will also be using smart NFTs for certain projects in their ecosystem! With their vast amount of partners and projects upcoming, there will be plenty of room for exciting collaborations :) Be sure to follow Spintop on Twitter, and join their Telegram and Discord community. This partnership will bring a lot of exciting things with it!



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