Altura Partners with Fitness Evolution

FitEvo is combining fitness and gaming like never before. Simply download the app, move, and earn! Battle monsters, breed dragons and explore new lands as you work towards evolving your NFT Dragons and changing your life for the better. Instead of play-to-earn, you will move-to-earn! Formerly known as Dragon Evolution, Fitness Evolution is combining Dragon NFTs with fitness to create an exciting new project. This fun project will work great with Alturas smart NFTs because of the evolution process in the NFTs. Fitness NFTs in particular must be dynamic since a person's fitness levels could change at any moment. Smart NFTs create the incentive for Fitness Evolution users to keep the ball rolling. This will be a perfect partnership!

We have three core pillars from a FitEvo Medium article:

  • “Inclusivity — There will be a low barrier to entry for new joiners given the inexpensive entry price. FitEvo will not require special wearables to enter either. To start moving and earning with your NFT digital companions, simply download the app from App Store or Google Play! Our Move-to-Earn mechanism will have heart-rate tracking with anti-cheat benefits as well, meaning that it will not only cover basics such as running or counting steps, but all sorts of activities and workouts. Lifting, yoga, grocery shopping… any active movement you can think of will be rewarded!”
  • “Innovation — We are determined to deliver more GameFi opportunities for our community than ordinary M2E offerings out there, with various ways to interact with our platform. Unique skills are being introduced so that you can strategize your way to move for a more gamified experience. We’re also very excited to reveal our expanded breeding system in which all participants can find the best ways to breed their own Dragon NFTs! More on this and our new M2E technology will be revealed soon.”
  • “Interaction — We want to inspire more interaction between friends and family, the entire FitEvo community, as well as your NFT companions. Through our enhanced social and communication platforms, people will grow together as a community, support each other, share useful tips, and ultimately become healthier together both physically and mentally — which is one of our main goals.”

Join the movement today, and be part of an expanding community of dragonologists where new friends can be made, fitness can be expanded upon, and limitless fun is just a game away. Follow their Twitter, and join the Discord and Telegram communities for all the updates :)



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