Altura is Powering World Overlay with Smart NFTs

World Overlay

World Overlay is a metaverse platform powered by blockchain and industry-leading game development technologies. It is free to create and free to play. In World Overlay, users are able to create a wide range of content and experience gamified interactive virtual worlds. Besides being an avenue for social networking, play, and creative expression, users are also able to own and monetize their creations through NFTs, and trade them in the digital assets marketplace. Smart NFTs will play a role in the World Overlay metaverse and the details will come in later updates!

On top of the metaverse, World Overlay is also creating its own self-published world of Aetheron. It is the first of the virtual worlds on World Overlay and is a world with rich lore, immersive storylines, and market-leading graphic fidelity.

This early-stage project will be a great addition to the Altura community! Check them out on Twitter and Discord



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