Altura Is Integrating Ankr’s Extensive Toolkits!

Altura Team
1 min readMar 18, 2022


What is Ankr?

Ankr aims to create a more decentralized and optimized web3 experience for all. Starting in 2017, founders Chandler Song, Stanley Wu, and Ryan Fang sought to harness the cloud computing power from idle data centers around the world and reallocate this power to feed a new digital economy. Ankr grew quickly and accumulated a global supply of computing power which enabled them to provide services like node hosting (one of the services Altura will be utilizing). They provide many other products to help developers build on over 50 different blockchains including RPC layers, blockchain analytics, staking solutions, and many other developer tools. By utilizing these tools, Altura will provide the most optimized and robust user experience in the NFT gaming market.

What is $ANKR?

The Ankr token is a payment method for services on the Ankr platform such as dApp and protocol deployment. Users can also stake $ANKR for rewards and vote in governance proposals. It has been one of the top 20 traded coins on Coinbase!

This is one of many development updates to come for Altura. Stay tuned!

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