Age Of Tanks INO Begins Feb 22nd.

Altura will have an AMA in our Discord server at 9 PM EST on the 21st to welcome our new partners.

Altura Team
2 min readFeb 21, 2022

Altura is helping our new partners launch their INO for their Origin Tank NFTs! 150 Blind Box voucher NFTs will be launched on February 22nd at 2 PM UTC. Each Blind Box NFT will contain seven tanks with a guaranteed mystic rarity NFT. Chainlink will be used when redeeming your NFTs to ensure fairness. Your NFTs will be redeemable on the BETA game website, so be sure to follow A.O.T on Twitter for all the details.

Rarities are determined by their color

Common: Blue (not redeemable from this sale)

Rare: Orange, Red (not redeemable from this sale)

Epic: Green, Cyan

Legendary: Yellow, Purple

Mystic: Platinum, Gunmetal Gold

The price of a box for these seven unique NFTs will cost 600 BUSD. The prices/value of each NFT can be seen in the image above. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

The AMA will take place at 9 PM EST in Alturas Discord server. Come ask questions!